Posted by: structureofnews | December 19, 2020


So it’s been a while (a long while!) since I’ve written here – not because there isn’t much to say about changes and developments in technology, journalism and news products; there’s in fact probably too much to dive into, analyze and brainstorm around.  I just haven’t had much time. 

One reason is this: 

I’ve been busy with a different type of change and development.  Specifically, about me.

I’m transgender, and have as of today, transitioned into what I know to be my true identity.  There’s not much else to say, although there’s a bit on the About section.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope one of these days to get back to writing about how journalism is or should be evolving.

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are – e. e. cummings


  1. Gina – it’s terrific to hear about your news and see you flourishing. Love the ee cummings quote. Sending all the best – Shanthi

  2. Hello Gina…..glad to know you! Looking forward to hearing about your new life as it begins without compromise. Also looking forward to having a conversation about your October 30th, 2018 column/blog, Telling Stories, and how your Restructuring of Journalism overlaps with how families and friends now communicate––or don’t––and, of course, how we reach our students of today. Much is possible!

    • Always love to have a conversation with you, Sue! You must have spent some time reading through the posts… thanks for quadrupling the traffic!

      • This……thanks for quadrupling the traffic!… so you! I bet I’m the oldest responder here and the one who may know you the longest. Let’s see….as we will see so many other things in the new New Year!

        Yes, I read through your posts just the way I did way back when in Manila. Teachers remember!

        Holiday wishes for happiness, peace, health and all else good even if I I can’t think of them right now…..and a wonderful year to come!

  3. ❤️👍

    • As a one-time journo who remembers yr byline in the AWSJ decades ago, may I just say I’m so very moved and so happy for you. My sincere best wishes for even greater fulfillment in your future.

  4. thank you for sharing gina 🙏🏼
    so glad you have found your true self…please continue to stay healthy and blessed 😊

  5. Hello, Gina! This is likely the first time I read a post from a new person in which I know what to expect from their competency in future writing – because I already knew and admired the competency of their former selves. Wish you all the happiness you seek, and even more.

  6. So brave Gina! Kudos for those who keep working on themselves and their own truths and identities. I sent you an email to your gmail account, but not sure if you have changed your address or it will be redirected. More there.

  7. Hi Gina, this is Anna from Singapore and I am a transwoman. I read about your recent appointment with Reuters on Mothership; thanks for being brave to be yourself and I would love to be in touch with you.

  8. […] interno ed esplorativo», ha sentito che era arrivato il momento di condividere la sua storia. Sul suo blog e in un’e-mail ai colleghi, ha scritto: «Sono transgender. E da oggi vivrò e mi presenterò […]

  9. […] a real new post. (Although the real reason for not writing for a while is, as I’ve noted here, that I’ve been kinda […]

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