Posted by: structureofnews | June 21, 2013

A Prize For Connected China

CCShamless plug: Connected China is now “award-winning” Connected China.

It won the prize for data journalism website or section in the Data Journalism Awards given at the Global Editors Network News Summit in Paris.  Which, if you’re going to give awards, is probably one of the better places to get one.  Regrettably, none of the team who worked on the project is in the City of Light for the ceremony, but they’re happy anyway.

Kudos to Irene Jay Liu for steering the project ably over a long 18 months, and to a dedicated team of reporters, researchers and project managers, working closely with Ben Fry and the talented folks at Fathom Information Design.

An update:  The GEN email about the award notes that Connected China

uses not only a formidable amount of statistics but also stunning graphics to present information about China’s power structure. It is a rigorous analysis of inter-personal and inter-institutional relationships and a detailed interactive report that gives a clear and concise insight into the leadership of the People’s Republic of China.

It’s great recognition and a nice award to have – full disclosure: I’m on the jury panel for the awards, although not for this category – and puts the project in the distinguished company of the likes of the Guardian’s wonderful interactive on gay rights in the US, or the investigation by Agentina’s La Nacion on into senate expenses.  Overall, there were more than 300 entries from all over the world, including Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Kenya, Romania, UK, United States, and Venezuela.

Best of all, the site is still going strong, and continually being updated.  Which is, after all, how data-driven apps should be.


  1. Kudos indeed — great news, and deserved recognition.

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